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Level Design for BattleBlock Theater

This is a level design practice with game "BattleBlock Theater". 

Objective: This level is for new players who has already understand the basic rules of each kind of block. This level will help them practice and learn more about the lava block. So, this level is not hard but still challenging, and is composed of different puzzles with lava blocks.

Here is my drawings for this level. The drawing is based on my game experience


Critical Path Layout:

With side areas:

So after the drawing, I made this level with level editor in that game.

Here is the level in the level editor. As you can see, there already are some changes. Some of puzzles in the level need more space than I expected. And some puzzles have a flat pacing so I add more enemies to this level. Here is a video about my level.

So, after finishing the level, I think most of my ideas worked. Even though some of them do not work exactly as my wish, but all mechanisms give me a great feed back. I love the pacing of the critical path, but I hope I can do more with side areas. More challenging part for experienced player, so players will like to try this level over and over again. This is what I will do next.

OK, here is what I did. 

First of all, I changed the color and the background of the level. This level is about lava blocks, so I want this level looks cruel, like hell. Player feels like fighting against Satan and tries there best to survive. 

Then, I changed some some water blocks into spine blocks. In formal version, some water blocks look like floating in the sky, so I changed them. Also I put some decorations in the level.

At last, I changed some side area give player more challenges, and keep the smoothness of the level. Here is the new level and a video about it.

OK, this is my first level design work.

What I got:

 1. I like my pacing in this level, the drawing works at the first place. This thanks to the mechanism of the game. This may not always happens.

2. After the first version, I stocked with what I got. It's hard for me to change even a simple thing. I hope this will not always happen.

3. Theme will help a lot in a level design work. Always keep your theme in mind will give you more good ideas, rather than lost in thousands of ideas.

4. Keep your hard puzzles next to a saving point.

5. Test really gives you great feedback.