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My capstone project.

A puzzle game with color and timing.

Here are three game projects I worked in during undergraduate years in China. 

Automatically generate a terrain with mountains, forests, and lake with noise algorithm in Unity.

This game is a tower defense game demo with path finding included.

This is a simulation of a aggressive animal, which will look for food and eat food in the environment. It will attack and avoid other animal at the same time maintain its health.

This is 10 hours game jam with a engine the we never used before -- Godot Engine 3.0. This is a great experience. Learned more about source control and team work.

This is a level design practice with "BattleBlock Theater". I try to do the paper design first and test the idea in the game. 

This is a level for The Escapist 2.

A level for Torchlight 2.

A level design project for Team Fortress 2. 

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