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The Bank Job

This is a 10 hours group game jam with Godot Engine 3.0.

This jam is about using a game engine that we never used before. So we choose Godot Engine for this Jam. Each of us spent 10 hours in this jam. It's a pretty good experience.

About this game, to avoid too much extra work, we chose to make a 2D game because Godot Engine is a 2D engine at first. This is a 2D stealth game. Player can only see a area around him. Player should collect loots and avoid the guards. If a guard see the player, they will follow the player and attack him. Player can fight back with mouth clicks. There are 11 loots in this level, exit will open if the player have more than 3 loots.

This game is not unique, but we got a great chance to practice our skills. We use github to do source control. It's my first time to use github. Even though I did some stupid things, I managed to learn from what I did wrong. We use Slack for communication. And our team work is pretty good.

Anyway, this is a great experience. We got a pretty good layout with UI and basic AI for enemies. For a 10 hours game jam, we did a good job. Also, I got more experience about prototyping.