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Undergraduate Works

During undergraduate years, I spent a lot of time on learning and practice game development. I participated in at least eight game related projects. Some of them are only about design and others are about developing in a team. Here are three highly developed game projects in my undergraduate years.

​炫动穿乐, or in English can be called Amazing Musical Wall, is a motion sensing game with Kinect. Players will cross walls with musical melody. This game is developed with Unity.


This project starts with a interest group and takes two months to develop. I was the team leader, main designer as well as a programmer in this group. This is my first game related team project. We develop and learn at the same time. Even though all of us are not proficient with the develop tool, we still found a way to complete this fully developed game with shop and achievements involved. This adventure makes me fall in love with game developing.

丧心病狂的颜色, or Frenzied Color, is a puzzle game. Player can destroy the block by changing the background color. This is a HTML 5 game, wins the third prize in the First University Game Innovation Contest (首届2035游戏学院高校创意游戏大赛).

This project is developed in a group of 2 people. We work together. During developing this project, not only we have a chance to practice our skills, but also a great chance to meet some teachers in the industry. This experience helped me to learn more about game industry.

Hacking is a 2D stealth game with cool UI elements. Player controls a spy who will avoid guards and finish a top secret mission. This game is developed with Cocos-2dx.

This is also a group work. I was the main designer and a programmer in this team. Something special in this work is that we spent a lot of time on designing the UI elements in the game, so it makes player feels like he is controlling the spy with his device. We want this game to look really cool, and put some really interesting ideas into the game.

ALL IN ALL, these undergraduate works make me fall in love with game development. I become good at teamwork, know more skills about game development, also get a basic idea of how to design a game and make it come true. And after that, I decided to go aboard to learn more about game design and development. I really appreciate the teachers and the teammates who I have worked with. Thank you all for your generous help.